A Weekend in the Otters Pocket

Another weekend away in the van this time to a different location, Budleigh Salterton in Devon for a bit of squirt boating on the river Otter. The Otters pocket is a mystery move spot formed as the tide pours over a ledge creating a powerful seam allowing downtime of 15 seconds plus if if you get it right.


Isle of Wight

Another great trip away for a long weekend, this time to the Isle of Wight. Its been at lest 6 months since I paddled my surf boat and with 2 ft of surf predicted and tailing off to flat seas over the long weekend I decided it would be good to take my surf boat with us.
One of our first destinations was Compton Bay for a surf to take advantage of the surf before it dropped off, this is only the second time I’ve surfed off of the isle of wight and both times i have been pleasantly surprised at how good the surf was.

The following day we visited Sea View and spent the morning crabbing off of the rocks, I can’t remember ever going crabbing as a kid and thoroughly enjoyed it, using left over pizza made really good bait.


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France and Switzerland Trip

We have just come back from a very last minute trip out to France to paddle with friends and then off for some sightseeing in Switzerland.

We booked our ferry on Tuesday evening and on Friday afternoon Lou picked me up from work, and in just over an hour we were on the ferry. Our first destination was midway between Lyon and Geneva a small French village called Sault Brenaz, where we spent 4 days kayaking at Isle de la Serre, with friends from Whitewater Action Medway (WAM). Then down to St Pierre du Beouf for another day kayaking at a different location.

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After our day at St Pierre de Beouf we headed cross country towards Switzerland, as we drove over the corner of the alps we were treated to a fantastic lightning show, fortunately the rain held off until we had parked up for the night.

The following day we continued our drive visiting and taking in the sights as we drove around the south side of Lake Geneva finally ending in Montreux. we spent a couple of days in the area visiting the sights, taking a tram ride up into the mountains and a boat ride around Lake Geneva.

One of the final things we wanted to do was visit the Maison Cailler chocolate factory in Broc, Gruyère, this comprised of a tour on the history of chocolate and Caller, then you were able to view a production line making chocolates and finally the chance to taste every chocolate they make on site (Lou’s favorite part).

One last thing we managed to squeeze in, was a boat ride along the River Doubs to see the 27 meter high waterfall Saut du Doubs and the fantastic scenery of the Swiss and French borders before setting off on our dive home.


Kent Canoes Speed Skin

I have just received my brand new Peak UK speed skins all custom logo’d up with the Kent Canoes logos.

Kent Canoes LS CustomThe kit is light weight, comfy and very dry even after a few hours squirt boating.
I just asked the guys at Kent Canoes to come up with something cool and I’m really happy with the results, I particularly like the little Kent Canoes, canoe background.

_DSC7247Kent Canoes Peak UK Speed Skin