About Me

I have been Kayaking for over 20 years, being introduced to the sport by the scouts when I was about 12
Concentrating on whitewater and surf kayaking I have travelled all over Europe, America and Canada taking me to some very beautiful and far out places of the beaten track.
Since Early 2000 I have competed on and off in freestyle competitions representing the UK.

I purchased a VW California back in 2010, I have included some of our adventures in this blog and some of the upgrades and repairs I have undertaken, hopefully they will give you inspiration and guidance to have a go at some of them yourself. 

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  1. Just as a hint, because I saw
    DIY VW California roof cover / Cali Cap / Vanorack / Mutze
    DIY VW California roof cover / Cali Cap / Vanorack / Mütze

    Thanks for inspiration

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