iPhoto Missing Photos

Hazel Park Today I opened up iPhoto to look through and edit some photos that I had taken over the weekend only to find they weren’t all there.
After clicking   buy veterinary Lyrica File – Reveal in Finder I could see the missing photos in finder but not in iPhoto.

Jasdan To repair the iPhoto database.

  • Back up your iPhoto Library, incase something goes wrong.
  • Quit iPhoto if it’s open.
  • Hold down the Command and Option(alt) keys on the keyboard – Open iPhoto.
  • Keep the keys held down until the Photo Library First Aid box appears

http://powerguard.quibblecontent.co.uk/diesel-and-gas-generators-1/page/2/ iPhoto Library First Aid










Select the option you want to use, Click repair to begin the rebuild process.
This may take some time to complete.