VW California leisure battery replacement

A few weeks ago we were away in the van the weather was warm over the course of a couple of mornings I noticed the fridge was off, I initially thought that I had somehow knocked it off while raising or lowering the roof. After the third time I noticed the fridge would run for several minutes then turn its self off I could see ”this was as a result of the battery although showing 60% the voltage dropped to around 7 volts shortly after the fridge was turned on.

Time for some new leisure batteries.

The originals are 7P0-915-105-A. VW replacement cost over £500.

Replacement needs to me AGM I went for Varta LA80

‘To remove the batteries turn the seat to access the front13mm nuts and loosen almost all the way off.

Putt the seat forward and remove the 13mm bolts from the back of the seat runners.

I tilted the seat forward and wedged a piece of wood under the runner to aid access.

Remove the rubber battery cover and disconnect the -ve terminal.

Remove the cover to accessory the rear battery and undo the clamp holding the battery in place and carefully remove the battery.

Disconnect the battery -ve terminal and then the +ve terminal from both front and rear batteries.

Remove the front battery

There’s a plug in the original batteries that needs to be removed and placed into the new battery

Lift the new battery in to the passenger seat void and connect the breather pipe and connect the +ve battery terminal.

Connect the rear battery +ve terminal first then the -ve terminal an lift into the rear battery compartment not fogetting the breather pipe.

Finally connect the front battery -ve terminal and tighten both battery retaining clamps, replace the rubber cover on the front battery and prefix the seat.

I plugged the van into the mains and confirmed the battery were charging, i had to reset the time and date on the camper control unit