VW T5 California Safe Install

One of the options available on the VW California from the factory is to have the safe installed in the bottom of the large cupboard/wardrobe this is something we weren’t sure about at the time of ordering but after having the Cali for a while and the space been a bit wasted I decided to retrofit the manufactures genuine part.


Turns out the safe is just a metal door thats shaped to fit perfectly in the space with some holes drilled inside to secure it flush with the raised part of the cupboard floor the cupboard.

Time to fit Approx. 10mins
VW Part number :- 7H7068191 – Lockable cover

The safe fits in the bottom of the cupboard to the left of the fridge, there are three small pre drilled holes on each side of the side walls. For better access I folded the seat down into bed mode.


Place the cover in the hole and push the supplied rivets through the holes in the cover into the hole in the side walls. This makes sure everything fits as it should, snap the rivets up and your done.


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