Mac Office 2011 Remove Microsoft User Data Folder in Documents Folder

The “Microsoft User Data” Folder will put in your documents folder when you install Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac
It will always be there no matter how many times you try and delete it. It will be automatically recreated every time you open Microsoft Word or Excel.
This is how and where to relocate it.

“Microsoft User Data" In Documents Folder

Simply move “Microsoft User Data” folder from “Documents” to Users/ (YOUR USER NAME)/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Office 2011/

“Microsoft User Data” Folder Relocated

If your library folder is not visible take a look at Show User Library Folder in OS X Lion & Mountain Lion

9 thoughts on “Mac Office 2011 Remove Microsoft User Data Folder in Documents Folder

  1. I followed all of the instructions but the Microsoft User Data still keeps popping up in the Documents folder even after I’ve moved it to Preferences/Microsoft/Office 2011. Do you know why this might be happening? Thanks!

      • Thanx for the comment! Moving it to preferences worked. I hate it when programs open folders in mijn Documents, put it somewhere where it doesn’t bother me!

  2. I’ve followed these instructions and all was fine except for Outlook which has lost my account. All emails are still on the server but I’m loath to create a new account lest it recreates a User Data folder in Documents again. How can I tell Outlook to go and find my account in the new location?

    • I tried shifting the MUD folder up a few levels to the Preferences folder as mentioned above and this worked. These instructions need to be amended to eliminate this problem.

      • The MUD folder bothers/bethered many of us sitting in the Documents. There is a simple solution with which the folder remains where OS created it, thus causing no problems later. In Terminal type: chflags hidden (and here drag the MUD folder) and hit enter.
        The MUD folder stays where it is “meant to be by the OS, BUT it will become HIDDEN/INVISIBLE.

  3. Hi All, is there a way to eliminate this folder? Mine shows it is 32GB on my Mac. I’m constantly running out of space on my 128GB flash HD.

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