Remove VW T5 California rear head restraints / headrest

where to buy Pregabalin in canada Although the rear head restraints / headrest can be dropped down then the lower bed is made up they take up a lot of room under the bed. As we often drop the bed and travel with my kayaks inside I wanted to remove them.

Middlesbrough Drop the head rest and carefully prize out the plastic side covers

VW T5 California Headrest removal

There are ‘C’ pins holding in the headrest, using a pin punch I knocked them in from each side.

Knock in C pin

Once the pins have been knocked in the headrest can easily be pulled out.

VW T5 California Headrest removal

The black plastic is part of the locking system shown below is to keep the headrest locked up, this moves with the headrest metal bar is removed stoping it from locking up, I pushed this in and placed a small piece of foam on the hole and replaced the side cover.

WV T5 California headrest removal

Finally to finish it off I put some grommets in the holes.

VW T5 California headrest removal